Watch: Female Warder Having S**x With A Prisoner

Watch: Female Warder Having S**x With A Prisoner

Female Warder Video Enjoying Herself With A Prisoner Is Spreading All Over The Media

Serving duties under government means that you are occupying an official position as a public servant.

This certainly means strict rules and regulations, that guide you as servants under government protocols. It is highly to adhere to these regulations to serve the public formerly and acceptably.

Failing to conduct and behave yourself may result in unfavorable conditions for your future in that particular job position. People need the understanding what is a public servant..

A video of the warder and the inmates has been involving themselves in sexual activity has been top news recently.

The official from Department of Correctional Service has found herself in deep trouble as this video continues to trend on social media platforms. It is not yet clear who was taking their video as seems as if these two were not aware with regards to the video recording.

This incident leaves a question that says, is a relationship between correctional service officers a norm?

This officer looks so attached to inmates and people on social media has suspected that this might not be the first time. This video took place in KwaZulu-Natal, Income Correctional Service Centre which is a well-known center and this has raised multiple questions from social media platforms. If these two are in love, it might happen that this is not their first time practicing such immoral activity on government premises.

A video with flustering scenes of allayed sexual activity between an official and an inmate at the Ncome Correctional Services (DCS) appalled, embarrassed and gutted” says a statement. What will happen to the official? An also an inmate? This is a difficult matter indeed, however, this department will exhaust his internal disciplinary process to objectively attend to this issue,

It is an indisputable fact that the image of this department is jeopardized nationally and this KwaZulu-Natal Centre itself is embarrassed. Such practice and misbehavior shall of this nature automatically sends a message to say there are issues within jails or correctional center.

The job of a Correctional Service might be on huge stake and risk of losing it due unnecessary behavior. It would be so childish of her, if she loses a job over such a silly mistake. People are praying to be in such a good job position, whilst she is playing on this opportunity.

see Video Below;


When you clearly look on the image, you can tell that these two are in mutual agreement of whatever they are doing. It not clear what will to an image as he is already serving his sentence. With he found himself in more trouble? We hear as time goes on.

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